BMR specialise in the Tony Kart (OTK) chassis, but have experience in all types of senior chassis.

We are setup to keep your kart in the very best condition possible. From axle inspections to chassis alignment, wheels checks, to brake testing, we can ensure your kart is maintained to the very highest standard.


Each team kart is thoroughly inspected and entails a ‘nut & bolt’ rebuild after each race meeting. From axle removal and going through a flat table inspection to ensure the chassis is where the manufacturer states it should be!

We can also provide a full corner weight inspection to ensure that the weight distribution of our team karts is set correctly. This can help hugely whilst on track!

BMR provide this service to anybody with a kart! If you think your chassis may be bent, or just want peace of mind that your kart is straight and true, then please drop us a message and we’ll arrange a time and date.


Did you know that your kart should (ideally) be checked for alignment EVERY time you come off of track? We have a full flat table and laser aligning equipment to do just that job!

If your kart has been involved in any on track antics, we can ensure that your kart is returned to the manufacturers guide settings and with the laser alignment we can ensure your kart will be as straight as the day you purchased it.

If you would like to have your kart professionally straightened and laser aligned, then please drop BMR a message.