Each and every team engine is checked over at the end of the day. With our affiliation to Grice Engines we can ensure that your engine will be the very best it can be. In house we will check the starter motor, bendix, clutch movement and reeds to ensure that they are at 100% operational capacity. Nobody wants a breakdown before the firs corner!


All of our team carburettors are vigorously checked and maintained in house. We can ultrasonic the units so that they are as clean as possible, replace the internal gaskets and seal if they have perished and check to ensure that the carburettor is holding pressure. We can overhaul and renew any perished parts and ensure that your carburettor is performing at its best.


BMR ensure that all of the accessories that complement the engine and carb are in their best possible state. Regularly cleaning the airboxes, chains, and clutch drums. Ensuring that the wiring looms pass an electrical test and that batteries, especially Litho batteries are well stored and are in an undamaged state.

Please note, of recent times the Litho battery has become a standard within the karting paddock. These can be dangerous and as such BMR ensure that all Litho batteries are stored in a bomb proof container. This ensures the safety to everybody around us.