BMR pride itself on the Data Analysis that we provide. Using the AIM Mychron 5S equipment we can help any driver improve their lap times. From corner speed to straight line speed… WE WILL HELP!

Already an established driver? With the use of the data from your Mychron/Alfano/UniPro, we can alter your setup to ensure you get those vital hundredths, which will make all the difference!


This really is our forté. We have been watching drivers for over TEN years and some of the very best have worked with us!

The BMR team can help your driver by watching them on circuit and pointing out where and how they can improve. Off circuit, we can help to ensure that the driver can bring the correct mindset to any race day, this is a vital part of driver training, we believe as important as their on track training.


Teamwork is a must within our environment and as such we will ensure that EVERYONE works together. Their are hugs benefits of becoming a member of #TEAMBMR. On track, you will learn from the more established team members, you can push together to help pull away from the opposition, you can also use each other data to learn how to improve the kart setup. This massively speeds up the process and aids to you gaining an edge over your competitors. Off track, you’ll make friends for life!