Race Details: 12th Sep ’21 | PFi | O Plate

A huge congratulations goes to Harvey for winning the prestigious O Plate trophy this weekend!

Harvey qualified well in P6 (3rd in group), raced his heats in a mature style, making the passes and taking vital positions when needed. This helped him to a 2nd row start for the pre finals (P4). The final saw Harvey start in P3 and after an incident near the start of the race saw him back to 6th position. In the manner we’ve become accustomed to, Harvey picked off his opponents one by one and took the win by a mear 0.11 seconds! Well done H, the trophy is MASSIVE!

Michael Rapsey had a difficult weekend, but plenty of positives for this young man. Qualifying 14th in class an looking for a good strong weekend. A 14th place finish in one of the heats helped him into the A Finals, but a DNF in Pre Final 1 meant it was going to be a battle from hereon in. Michael finished his first O Plate weekend a respectable 28th overall. Well done ‘Rapdog’.

Harry Platten was so, so close to giving the team the Senior X30 trophy this weekend. As ever, Harry was at the front all weekend. Qualifying 5th in group and taking a het win, followed up by two P3’s, everything was looking on course! Lining up P2 for the final (after two P2 prefinals). Alas an incident saw Harry sent tumbling down the order, but an absolute beast of a driver saw him cross the line in P2. Due to the earlier incident, the inevitable nosecone penalty cropped up and meant a drop to P11. This didn’t show Harrys performance at all, but I guess he can’t win them all! Plus Harry prefers the GP Plate he won earlier on in the year!

Well done to all the drivers, team members and all the #teambmr supporters. Let’s continue this performance next time!