Race Details: 22nd-23rd Jan ’22 | Whilton Mill | Round 1

After a solid start last weekend, it was on to Whilton Mill for their first club round of the season. With the huge influx of entrants, it was a struggle to get the whole team booked in and in the end only Sam and Harvey managed to get entered.

With the event being so full this year Whilton race weekend is now a two day event, with a heat running on Saturday after a few practice sessions.

Saturday morning practice kicked off where Shenington ended… Both Harv and Sam were on fine form and nailed all the sessions setting topping our timers against a very strong grid.

Heat one and with the mixed grids, Heading started on pole, with Riby a few places down in 7th. The start was as manic as ever, Sam retained his lead and set off, with 33 other drivers rapidly chasing after him. Harvey managed to make it as for as Christmas, before being launched from behind and spun around, then being hit head on. Unfortunately, Harvey’s race was over before it had even begun and the chance of another team one-two was over. Sam battled throughout the race, losing his position briefly. With a daring late breaking manoeuvre on the penultimate lap he took back his P1 position and went on to defend the last lap, securing the win!

Sunday morning – Heat two saw a more mid pack start, Harvey in P23 and Sam in P17. We know these two love an overtake or two, so the BMR boys should put on a decent display of racing skill and they didn’t disappoint! Both Riby & Heading nailed the start and were on the front foot. By the end of lap one Riby was up three and Heading up seven positions. Throughout the 11 lap race, both drivers put a decent shift in, picking off positions every lap. Sam finished an impressive P7 and Harvey an absolute astounding P12…up 11 positions, from the lower end of the grid!

Heat three and Sam had to start P30…pretty much last! Harvey had it a little easier with a P19 start, but this was not going to be easy pickings. Cutting through a pack of seasoned racers is tough… unless of course, you’re a BMR driver! As ever with these two, the first lap is a monster and Riby nips up three positions, Heading is on another level entirely… up ELEVEN positions, in ONE lap. That’s a third of the grid, overtaken and still TEN laps to go. Both lads own the circuit, a cheeky dart inside at the final ‘Boot’ section on several occasions caught various drivers napping and both Sam & Harvey capitalised on this move a fair few times. Harv crossed the line P12 with Sam tucked in behind him in P13…WOW!

The Final. As ever points accrued throughout the heats determine where you start. With Harvey having a DNF in Heat one it was always going to be a challenge to do anything from P23, but we still expected a decent finish. Sam had strong heats and started on the 2nd row in P3. Harvey never disappoints and had another monster start, taking EIGHT positions in the opening lap! Sam pushed with the two guys in front of him to give a nice gap to the rest of the pack. Riby showed another masterclass in overtaking. From the ‘usual’ pass at Christmas, to the ballsy move into the later part of the boot. For someone who has only moved into the Senior class this year… he looked right at home! Sam took the P2 spot on lap four and had a two second gap to the leader. The final laps were looming. Harvey crossed the line an AWESOME 9th and broke the top 10! Sam couldn’t quite catch the leader but certainly tried, finishing just under half a second behind. Sam took a 2nd and another podium, that two on the bounce! To cap the weekend off Heading set a new Whilton Mill LAP RECORD of 44:35 thanks to the BMR setup and of course the new Yellow walled Komet tyres!

Roll on next weekend and the teams home circuit…PFi!