Race Details: 15th Jan ’22 | Shenington | Round 1

With Shenington being the season opener for the 2022 British Championships the team decided to venture to Banbury and attended round one of the Shenington Kart Club event.

With this meeting being a one-day event, the itinerary gave us a practice session, followed by three heats and the final. As ever on a fresh January morning… it was COLD, frosty and foggy, which meant a delay to the start of the day. When it did get underway, the BMR drivers knuckled down and went for it…

Heat 1 saw Sam on 14th, but an engine issue meant he never showed the pace we knew he had and he had to retire before even leaving the dummy grid! Harvey started on P30 and Sienna on 7th in her new class. Harvey had an outstanding lap one from 30th to 13th! In his accustomed fashion, Harvey dispatched a few more drivers throughout the race to finish an impressive 16th and banking good points for the final. Sienna started her Senior season well, holding her 7th position strongly. An incident on lap three saw her drop places, but a valiant effort saw her cross the line 19th, only to succumb to the dreaded ‘drop down’ penalty.

Heat 2 saw Riby start P4, Heading way down in 30th (but surely one to watch?) and Gordon in the mid pack on P12. Riby took control of the race and led from lap three, then disappeared into the distance, taking the heat win. Unfortunately, human error saw Harvey disqualified from the heat! Mistakes happen, they only make us stronger! Heading was nothing short of spectacular (think Jenson Buttons 2011 Canadian GP win!). From P30 on the grid, Sam ripped through his competitors and finished in P4… up TWENTY SIX positions in the eight minute race. Sienna’s final result didn’t actual do justice. With a P12 start, mid pack is always tough and the opening lap saw the typical mid pack carnage and Gordon dropped to 10 places to 22nd. In her new class we saw a rejuvenated Gordon fight back through the pack, make some outlandish manoeuvres and take a very well deserved P13. The new look Gordon does look very good indeed.

Heat 3 saw Sam start 4th, Harvey 14th and Sienna 26th. Sam took the lead on lap five, checked out and took the flag by over FIVE seconds. Harvey jumped six positions on the first lap, picked off the opposition and the team were on course for their first 1-2 of the season. ‘Last lap’ antics meant Harvey dropped to a still impress P4, before a nose cone penalty saw him out of the top 10. Sienna’s fresh form saw her make EIGHT overtakes on lap one! Strong mid pack battles saw her fight the duration of the race and was awesome to watch, crossing the line in P19!

The heats built up to the race that matters, the FINAL! Sam made his now trademark start and immediately jumped from P12 to P8. Heading made his way through the pack, picking of his competitors. With a strong last couple of laps Sam took P3 and hunted down the two in front. Alas, there just was not enough time in the race, but Heading took a well deserved P3 and the first trophy of ’22 along with the fastest lap of the day! Riby had just as an impressive final. From 23rd on the grid, Harvey capitalised on the mid pack battle and darted up six positions. With consistence being key to a good race, Harvey never put a foot wrong, often taking multiple positions in each lap. With a battle for the top 10 in front Harv closed them down, but couldn’t quite get to it in time, with him settling for an impressive P12. Sienna had looked really confident all day and this was to continue into the finals! An accident in front of her saw Sienna drop to 24th, but the impressive Gordon fought back and over the duration of the race overtook her competition and crossed the line in P15, plus NINE after the lap 1 incident. Mega result by Gordon!

So after a dramatic first outing at Shenington, we can’t wait until the British Champs start in April. In the meantime, roll on the next clubbie!